Fleet Management Solutions

TTMI fleet management system Fleemo™ supports real time monitoring of your fleets.
TTMI offers appropreate devices to your fleets and visualize essential data to monitor health of your vehicles.

Fleemo™ Main Features

  1. Vehicle Location
  2. Vehicle Information
  3. Driver Behavior
  4. Trip History
  5. Incident Location Record
  6. Dispatch Planning
  7. Delivery Navigation
  8. Delivery Management, and more 

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Dispatch & Delivery Mgmt

As a part of Fleemo™ advanced tool “Dipatch Optimization” & “Delivery Management” systems also available. The system offers automated dispatch plan for planners logistics compaies.

Dispatch Optimization

  1. Methematical algorythm
  2. Automated route planing
  3. 1000 origin/distinations
  4. multiple pick up and drop off  

Delivery Management

  1. Plan basis route navigation
  2. Real time tracking with devices
  3. e-signature delivery proof
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Integration & Contract System Dev

Fleemo™ suppports integration with your existing system such as Transport Management System, Warehouse Management System
TTMI also offers system development as tallar made.

Integration with other systems

  1. Transport Management system
  2. Warehouse Management System
  3. Dealer Management System
  4. Driver Mgmt System  and more

Contract Development

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Fleemo Basic Features


Fleemo™ dashboard provides overview of the result of processed data such as devices telemetry data, fleet admin / manager data, and driver data and shows

  1. Status – available vehicle, ipcoming maintenance etc.
  2. Insight -total mileage, fleets fuel usage
  3. Events -driving behaviour tendencies
  4. Order Completion -to track delivery status
  5. Alert -monitoring driving behaviour
  6. Vehicle Utilization -rate of utilization (for delivery management)

Simple and comprehensive dashboard supports daily operation for fleet owners in various aspect with “Visualize” current state of your fleets.

Data input

Before onboarding, Fleemo™ requires to prepare essential data for the system like;

  1. Driver,
  2. Fleet manager / Admin,
  3. Vehicle information

after inputting the data, all necessary data is shown in tab of vehicels, drivers also managers.

Multiple Driver Assignment

After registartion, Fleet manager and Admin are able to asign drivers to vehicles as multiple driver assignment.

This feature supports fleet company who operates and asigns as 1 vehicle to multiple drivers.

This feature also supports other usecase like coporate-car-sharing, for example a company who has 20 vehicles for 200 employees, supposed to be utilized to enhance company vehicles utilization.

Dispatch & Delivery Management

Dispatch planning

If you have 10 depos as logitis starting poitns and are required to 100 delivery points with your 10 fleets, it’s always take time to make a plan for dispatch.

The feature supports you as automated dispatch plan generation by additionally input “order information” with your origin location for delivery.

  1. Locations of origin and destination
  2. Pick up & Drop off time and it’s service time
  3. Volume of cargo
  4. Vehicles info to be assigned.

Generated plan in on web application of Fleemo™, and also is sent to driver application to monitor and navigate to next waypoint.

App for Drivers

Fleemo™ supports android & IOS applications for driver navigation and e-signature for delivery proof with accordance with the result of dispach feature above.

Drivers easiliy to fellow next waypoint as methematical optimization caliculation basis result,and to achieve more efficient delivery process automatically.


TMS Integration

Fleemo™ is FMS application (fleet management system) with additional features. TMS, Transport Management System, is the system for logistics order and contract management.

The systems are compliment each other, Fleemo™ does support integration with your TMS and share necessary dynamic real time data to your TMS.